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Hello Jim, just a quick  thank you note to you for sharing some invaluable skills during our Adventure training course on 25/26 Nov. You and the team were amazing. The course was awesome. Sorry your day was cut short due to the bike/ute incident, and we did not get to see you at the finish. You guys did so well. Wayne via Email

“Everything was great over the whole weekend. The training staff where excellent and the technique that they taught gave me confidence to ride my adventure bike off road. I meet some great people with common interest in adventure riding that I will keep in contact with for rides in the future. Day 2 putting the techniques into practice, just kept building my confidence even further. I had a ball on the course and would recommend this adventure course.” Steve via Email

“I did my RE learners with them in December 2016 and my RE open in March 2017. I found that the courses improved my skill set and confidence in my own motorcycle. The instructors were thorough and gave good feed back and discussion on road craft. They certainly taught this old dog new tricks. Erin in admin was very helpful in all aspects of booking the course and communication with me. PS: I am an old bloke returning rider who had previously help a Full Motorcycle License for 12 years.” Slyn Smiley Google Review

“Completed the pre-learner rider course this weekend. Fantastic support and instruction throughout the entire 2 days. Just want to thank the team for their awesome work. 10/10 would recommend for anyone wanting to learn to ride and get thier(sic) learner license in qld.” Harley Booth Facebook Post

“Fantastic weekend on the MRS Adventure Riding Course! It was hot and at times extremely wet but the conditions didn’t detract from a great adventure! Thanks to Jim, Dale, Steve, TK, all the corner markers and assistants, and a terrific bunch of guys and girls to ride with. Can’t wait for the next opportunity to get down and dirty!” Simon Fallon Facebook Post

“Big thank you to Jim and Dale for two great days at the pre learner course! You guys were a wealth of knowledge and so helpful and fun. Just completed my written test so looking forward to putting all that I learnt into practice.” Tamara Boucaut-Calvert Facebook Post

“I had the pleasure of doing the Adventure Riding 2-Day course last weekend, and can highly recommend it for all skill levels and all bikes – one of the participants had been riding for 2 weeks, while some people had been riding for 25 years. Bikes ranges from 250 cc road/trail bikes through to a BMW GS 1200 Adventure & Triumph Explorer. Big thanks go out to the instructors (Jim, Steve & Dale) who were all very patient, friendly, and encouraging and made the course fun rather than daunting. The course was held in a safe and controlled environment at a comfortable pace that let you build your skill set over the course of the day. Day 2 brought it all together in the Mt Mee State Forest and was great fun (in the rain). As an experienced road rider but relative newbie to dirt riding, I gained a lot more confidence in my bike and my own abilities over the weekend. I highly recommend this course if you’re looking to head offroad and want to gain the skills necessary to keep you safe and make it enjoyable instead of terrifying!” Josh Wilson Google Review

“To all the staff of the Motorcycle Riding School,
 I would formally like to thank you for your efforts in putting on a professional, informative and thoroughly enjoyable day at the Mt Cotton Driver Training Facility on Sunday. The course subject matter and training exercises are relevant to all road riders from the novice to the experienced person. All directions were delivered clearly and professionally by the instructors and they were only too happy to clarify or explain anything further if required. I especially enjoyed the candid chats during the breaks and found the entire learning environment of the course, from beginning to the end, confidence inspiring. I have already given positive reviews to my friends and colleagues who knew I was undertaking the course and am only too happy to endorse the school and its staff.  Thanks again and please keep me informed on any future courses as I can honestly say it was great day out.”  Regards, Paul Mennes

“Hello MRS. Nice to see the video. I just wanted to thank all of you for what was a simply an awesome day. The whole day was informative and really had me think more about my handling of the bike and using the road with others. The information was delivered in a simple and often humorous way which invited comment as opposed to preaching or lecturing. This was by far the best money I have spent to date on either myself or my bike. I am getting back into motorcycling after a fairly lengthy hiatus having had a couple of bikes pre-kids. After speaking to a few of the participants I just should have kept riding as their lives seem to have been enriched by riding all their lives. I was initially reluctant to sign up thinking these things only cater for experienced riders but I soon realised after arriving I had nothing to be concerned about. Got schooled by a couple of Harley riders but that was cool. Just a great bunch of like minded people in a very positive learning environment. It was obvious the teaching group was very experienced and managed to put everyone at ease from the get go. I have been a police officer for 15 years and now a defence lawyer for the past 15 years. I am certain if this level of education was provided to all bike riders (young and old) at an early stage of their riding there would be a considerable downturn in accidents and fatalities.I have put all of the tips I picked up into practice on every ride since and feel more confident. Not popping wheelies confident but just more assured whilst riding. I would recommend this course to anyone who rides even if you have been doing so all of your life. Never to late to learn and refresh skills. A special mention to Erinn who also put my mind at ease with her assistance in the office. Thanks for one of the best days I have ever had on a motorcycle apart from my sunburnt bald head. Stephen Buchanan” Stephen Buchanan, Via YouTube.

“Today I had the great privilege of joining the exclusive, q ride competent club. A massive thank you to all the staff at the Springwood office. From Erinn’s communication with me for all the bookings, to the man I’d like to dub ten ten Mr dale, taking the time and effort to change some habits and shedding shinning light on somethings I never knew and showing me how to apply those things. To the legend known as Mr patience, who taught myself and the three others, the difference between the stick and the carrot. Jim I cannot thank you enough for the confidence you have given me in my riding ability and making me understand my habits both positive and the ones that could be changed. Will be in touch for future events. Take care all.” Devon Woodborne,  via Facebook.

“I successfully past my assessment today. If your even thinking of getting your licence I highly commend everything this school taught me. And the whole time my team helped me! Do yourself a favour and get on a bike with these blokes!” David Husband,  via Facebook.

“Thanks a hundred thousand times guys! Went to dept transport today and officially got my RE licence 🙂 when I think back to my first lesson with Jim, I can’t believe how far I’ve come, all thanks to you all. Such a fantastic team of instructors and I am so grateful to Alain, Dale, Jim & Nick; I wouldn’t have been able to pick up my shiny new bike today without their patience & guidance over the past year. Can’t forget miss Erinn, you are fantastic at what you do and your encouragement has been priceless. Thanks again guys, keep up the great work” Kiki Mellifont,  via Facebook.

“Thanks to Nick, Dale, Jim and the rest of the team for helping my sister and I get our bike license….Great course and Instructors!” Karen Bryant,  via Facebook.

“Just want to say a massive thank you for the Advanced Riding Course on Sunday. You guys are awesome, my confidence has improved so much, I conquered many firsts on Sunday, riding over the Gateway Bridge, riding in the rain just to name a few. The course delivery was excellent, and I really learned so much. Awesome stuff and I will gladly recommend it to anyone, whether a new rider or seasoned. I’m sure everyone learned something. Thanks Vanessa Swinfield, via Facebook

I just wanted to send you some feed back from the cruiser course from the weekend.

I had an absolute blast and honestly learnt more then I thought I was going to too. Before Sunday I never thought I could go around a track with no brakes, gears & one handed. Jim is a great instructor made made the instructions really easy to understand.

Can you please pass this onto Jim for me please.

I’m stoked that I went and thanks for the opportunity! Neil Jose, via Email.

Yes, I did it and got my R certificate on the last Saturday 23/4/16.
Many thanks to you all especially to Jim who encouraged me and brought my confidence back.
I was the only woman and of course the smallest and shortest as usual but was the only one riding the heaviest and biggest bike in the class.
During all required events not only did I do well but also got surprised compliments from the instructor, in fact he asked me what went wrong in the first time?
It really doesn’t matter for this point but what matters is I’ve learned the better way to ride and the benefits to enjoy ridings.
Thank you again and all the best to you all !! Stella Misins, via Email.