Defensive Riding Course

As a rider, you'll know that sometimes things don't go to plan; so to be as prepared as possible, we've developed our Defensive Riding Course.

You'll learn the Rider-Bike-Terrain model; three key elements that intersect to form an ideal riding scenario. You'll learn how to best handle a scenario where one or more of those factors aren't up to par, like when a corner (terrain) is interrupted by an obstacle, spill or other road users.

We highlight riding to your abilities, reaction times, over/under-reacting, and the benefits of wearing appropriate safety apparel in a fun, supportive and informative environment.

Course Details:

  • Full 1-Day Course (typically 8am - 3pm)
  • Open to all riders looking to develop their skills.
  • Closed, purpose built training facility.
  • Must provide your own motorcycle and riding gear for this course.

Course Specifics

  • Rider-Bike-Terrain Principles
  • Cornering Interruptions
  • Rider Influences
  • Reaction Times
  • Over/Under-Reacting
  • Choosing and Wearing Appropriate Safety Gear
  • Riding To Your Abilities

Course Duration: 7 Hours
Course Cost: $269
Course Location: Mt Cotton Training Centre (MCTC), 1753-1799 Mt Cotton Rd, Cornubia QLD 4129

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