Q-Ride Pre-learner

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The Q-Ride Pre-learner Training and Assessment Course is the first step towards obtaining you Open Motorcycle Licence.

The new pre-learner training and assessment course is being introduced to better prepare learner riders by enabling them to gain basic riding knowledge and motorcycle handling skills in a safe environment before riding on-road.

To participate in this course, you are required to:zippay-banner-template-2n

  • hold a provisional or open car licence and have held the licence for at least 1 year. This makes sure you have on-road driving experience before you learn to ride.
  • be medically fit.

Once you have successfully completed this course, you will be eligible to apply for your RE Learner licence. You will be required to hold this licence for a minimum period of THREE MONTHS before you are eligible to participate in your RE Provisional Q-Ride Course.

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  • Book your 2 day Prelearner Course and your RE course in one go. You can do your RE Course 3 months after your Prelearner course.