Q-Ride RE Course

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The RE Provisional Q-Ride Course is the second step on your journey to your Open Motorcycle Licence in Queensland. Passing this course enables you to upgrade your RE licence from RE Learner to RE Provisional. You are eligible to enrol in this course if you have help your class RE learner licence for at least 3 months.

Q-Ride is a competency-based training and assessment program. During the course you will need to demonstrate your competency on a learner approved motorcycle.zippay-banner-template-2n

Your competency declaration is only valid for 12 months from the date of issue. If you do not present it within 12 months, it will expire and you will need to undertake Q-Ride again to obtain a new one.

You will need to hold your RE Provisional Licence for a period of TWO YEARS and adhere to the RE Provisional rules. In the first year of holding your RE Provisional licence, you must have a BAC of 0.00 and you may not carry pillions.

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