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Upcoming courses & events:

July 17th, 2016 – Laverda Concours

Presented by Club Laverda Qld Inc. (CLQ), CONCOURS is a static motorcycle display offering some 60 trophies and $2000 prize money for the best machine entered on the day. The event is one of the only of its kind in Australia, engaging exhibitors and motorcycle enthusiasts from the entire east coast and beyond.

Click here to check out the Laverda Concours website.


August 28th, 2016 – Advanced Roadcraft Course

Explore your potential and limitations in a controlled environment! Exercise and practice on an enclosed facility specially designed for advanced training! Improve your cornering, braking techniques and reduce the braking distance!

The One Day Advanced Roadcraft Course is an instructor-led road ride through various areas of South-East Queensland.  Instruction is given on elements including general road ride observation skills, scanning and hazard detection, cornering lines and cornering strategies.

The One Day Roadcraft Course includes the above as well as teaching group-riding dynamics and fatigue management.


October 1st & 2nd, 2016 – Two Day Adventure Course

Do you want to try something different? Do you want to go places you couldn’t before?

This course is designed for riders who have little or no dirt riding experience and would like to gain the skills and confidence to go adventure riding. Our structured training program teaches the basic techniques for every aspect of off-road Adventure riding on, using step by step techniques that steadily develop skill and confidence.

Techniques covered include: body positioning, braking, clutch & throttle control, turning – seated and standing, line choice, cornering, cambers, climbs & descents, turning on hills, picking your bike up, wheelies, logs, rocks, river crossings, luggage – packing & weight distribution, and towing.



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