Jim’s Project Yamaha

Head MRS trainer Jim has spent a lot of time working in the garage and his experience with motorcycles shows in this custom Yamaha RZ350YPVS!

So Jim, What gave you the inspiration to build this bike?

“Really this is just a hobby to pass time. I had the chance to buy an old run down bike full of potential. I’ve always worked on bikes and have built and restored some over the years, so i jumped at the chance.”

Where did you start?

“I started with a full strip down and seeing which parts needed to be replaced or upgraded. With a rough design concept in mind, i had a look around to see what could be done with the parts that were available. I also gathered a lot of  ideas and inspiration from other guys who have built project bikes, taking all these ideas and concepts and turning the Yamaha into something unique!”

How long was the process?

“All up it’s been about 2 years from start to finish. With life, job and money sometimes getting in the way, you have to put the tools down and come back every now and again. For me it wasn’t about the finished product it was about the time spent doing it. Playing with power tools, Waiting on new stuff to arrive in the mail, stripping, cleaning, painting and building. It was a Sanctuary…. Or maybe Psychiatry, who knows. It just makes me happy building, repairing and fixing motorcycles!”

Can anyone pick up a wrench and restore a bike like you have?

“I guess so. If you have the aptitude and resources. With money and time anything is possible. You must put effort in to get something out, so never giving up is key. You have to keep going, figuring out solutions to problems and carrying on. It’s a bonus to have contacts in places to help you and not being afraid to ask for help.

Winners never quit and quitter’s never win!”

Will there be more?

“The simple answer is… HELL YEAH! I will sell this one and move onto the next. I’ve already got plans for my next project, so stay tuned!

I build-em, Ride-em, crash-em, fix-em and Repeat!”