EXPERIENCE THE ADVENTURE! Motorcycle Riding School has acquired some incredible, LAMS approved Royal Enfield Himalayan Adventure Bikes to allow our customers to give adventure riding a go!
Open to all people with a minimum Learner RE license or higher at our 2 Day Adventure Course, meeting at Mt. Cotton for your day of training.
Day 1: Mobility Centre for Excellence, 1753-1799 Mt.Cotton Rd, Cornubia, 7.30am-3pm..
Day 2: Meet at BP Service Station, Walter St, Boonah at 7.30am. We depart the service station @ 08:00 hrs on our merry way with a smile on the dial.
Heading to Condamine Gorge for the 14 river crossings. The wetter the better!
Destination Killarney for lunch. Replenish, Revive and Survive!
Leave the land of the little Irish people and head to Queen Mary Falls and meander back to Boonah for the big finish.
Course Details:
·        2 Day Course: Over 2 Sundays
·        Open to all riders looking to develop their Adventure Riding skills, Intermediate Level
·        Hire a Royal Enfield Himalayan adventure bike or bring your own!
Course Specifics
·        Body Positioning
·        Brake, Clutch & Throttle Control
·        Turning (Seated & Standing) slow manoeuvring
·        Riding Line and Terrain Choice
·        Cornering
·        Cambers, Climbs & Descents
·        Turning On Hills
·        Picking Your Bike Up
·        Logs
·        Bush Mechanics
·        First Aid
Adventure Course Cost: $599.00
Adventure Course + Hire Cost: $750.00
*Customers must provide their own motorcycle and gear for the day unless hiring
Day 1: Skills & Drills Skills & drills
Day 2: Full Day Ride – You don’t have to think about where to go, just concentrate on applying all of your new skills! Enjoy the ride while we guide you through some of our favourite spots. We’ll continue to assess and provide coaching in a ride environment.

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