Q-RIDE Registered Service Provider.

At Motorcycle Riding School our core business is training riders for their QLD motorcycle licence through the Q-RIDE training program. Once you have enrolled at Motorcycle Riding School one of our expert instructors will coach you through one of their courses specially designed to meet your needs as a learner and to make learning to ride a motorcycle easy and fun! Once you have successfully completed your selected training course you will then be eligible for an RE or R class motorcycle licence.

Here at Motorcycle Riding School, we’ve got over 30 years of experience, competitive rates, you’ll learn expert safety skill techniques, we’ve got courses for all levels and our instructors are patient, friendly and encouraging!

While we provide Q-Ride Courses 7 days a week, we also provide Advanced training for all different types of skills and riding styles. If you’re a road rider, regardless of whether you ride a cruiser rider or you prefer sports bikes or even classics, the Advanced Roadcraft Course will help you explore your potential and limitations in a controlled environment! Exercise and practice on an enclosed facility specially designed for advanced training! Improve your cornering, braking techniques and reduce the braking distance! Learn how to behave in difficult circumstances at one of our Defensive Courses. Get set for Adventure at one of our awesome Adventure Training Courses. Even learn to maintain your motorcycle at one of our Maintenance Courses!


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