Roadcraft Course

If you're looking to further develop your riding skills and gain a greater appreciation for you and your motorcycle's capabilities, look no further than the Roadcraft Course from Motorcycle Riding School.
Our Roadcraft Course examines the art of cornering on a closed course, breaking it down into its components and teaching how best to apply braking, clutch and throttle inputs; along with body posture, bike position and riding line to name a few.
As a rider, you'll know that the environment plays a significant part in riding, especially cornering. You'll learn how best to assess the road condition, camber, elevation and dealing with hazards like animals, debris or other road users in group riding or solo scenarios.

Course Details:

  • Full 1-Day Course (typically 8am - 3pm)
  • Open to all riders looking to develop their skills.
  • Closed, purpose built course.
  • Must provide your own motorcycle and riding gear for this course.

Course Specifics

  • Cornering
  • Posture
  • Riding Line
  • Braking
  • Environmental Challenges

Course Duration: 7 Hours
Course Cost: $269 (lunch included)

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