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Welcome To Motorcycle Riding School

Here at Motorcycle Riding School, we've got over 30 years of experience, competitive rates, you'll learn expert safety skill techniques, we've got courses for all levels and our instructors are patient, friendly and encouraging!


Get your motorcycle learner license in Queensland.

At Motorcycle Riding School our core business is training riders for their QLD motorcycle licence through the Q-RIDE training program. Once you have enrolled at Motorcycle Riding School one of our expert instructors will coach you through one of their courses specially designed to meet your needs as a learner and to make learning to ride a motorcycle easy and fun!



Time to upgrade? Here's how.

Once you've completed the mandatory 2 years on your restricted RE license in Queensland, you are eligible to upgrade to the unrestricted R motorcycle license. This allows you to ride all motorcycles on Queensland roads, regardless of engine capacity! At Motorcycle Riding School we assess your competence riding a larger capacity bike and give you the tools you need to legally ride your dream bike sooner.



For riders who want to further develop their riding skills.

Our Roadcraft Course will help you explore your motorcycle in a controlled environment. Exercise and practice on an enclosed facility specially designed for training purposes. Improve your cornering, braking techniques and how best to approach environmental challenges! Learn how to behave in adverse circumstances at one of our Defensive Courses, get set for adventure at one of our awesome Adventure Courses, or how to check over your motorcycle at one of our Maintenance Courses.


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EXPERIENCE THE ADVENTURE! Motorcycle Riding School has acquired some incredible, LAMS approved Royal Enfield Himalayan Adventure Bikes to allow our […]


Learn to properly maintain and setup your pride and joy at one of our Maintenance & Setup Courses! Proper maintenance […]


EXPERIENCE THE ADVENTURE! Motorcycle Riding School has acquired some incredible, LAMS approved Royal Enfield Himalayan Adventure Bikes to allow our […]


Don't just take our word for it! Here's what some of our satisfied riders have to say:
Hey Libby, thank you for organising this ADVENTURE RIDE with your team, If I may provide some feedback. I am not sure, but I would quite easily have been the most In-experienced rider on Sunday. I am 58 and I only just got my RL a month ago. Your team including the 2 Marks, TK and the good looking guy were outstanding in the way they conducted themselves, adding humour and professionalism into the mix. This was advertised as an Adventure ride and it certainly went over and beyond my expectations. It was truly the best day and your guys did it BRILLIANTLY. I am glad TK had 'no idea' where he was going as this made for a more enjoyable ride. Of course I sunk the bike in knee deep water, that was the best part, also knowing my good buddy Barry who is a veteran rider of 20 years did exactly the same. It is sometimes difficult to suit all levels of riders but I would consider myself as the lowest common denominator in skill set. To be honest, I had no idea how change gear properly once we took off. (it's OK, I do now) If anyone ever complains about the ride, then they signed up for the wrong course. You can use any of my email here as a testimonial. The lads were humble in presenting their background yet professional Thank you. Looking forward to day 2. Gerald


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Everything was great over the whole weekend. The training staff where excellent and the technique that they taught gave me confidence to ride my adventure bike off road. I meet some great people with common interest in adventure riding that I will keep in contact with for rides in the future. Day 2 putting the techniques into practice, just kept building my confidence even further. I had a ball on the course and would recommend this adventure course.


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Completed the pre-learner rider course this weekend. Fantastic support and instruction throughout the entire 2 days. Just want to thank the team for their awesome work. 10/10 would recommend for anyone wanting to learn to ride and get thier(sic) learner license in qld.


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Hello Jim, just a quick thank you note to you for sharing some invaluable skills during our Adventure training course on 25/26 Nov. You and the team were amazing. The course was awesome. Sorry your day was cut short due to the bike/ute incident, and we did not get to see you at the finish. You guys did so well.


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