Motorcycle Maintenance & Setup Course

Knowing how to properly maintain your motorcycle and setup correctly is an incredibly valuable skill, so if you're wondering where to start, enquire about our Motorcycle Maintenance and Setup Course today!

Our Maintenance and Setup course examines how to properly maintain and setup a motorcycle, this can be vital for maximizing fuel economy, preserving reliability, and ensuring your own safety. This course is a general information session to provide you with the knowledge to perform routine systems checks in accordance with your motorcycle's service manual and to correctly set up your motorcycle for commuting, touring, carrying a pillion, adventure or a fun run over the mountains and through the twisties.

Course Details:

  • Half-Day Course
  • General information session.
  • Open to all riders looking to develop their Maintenance/set up skills.

Course Specifics

  • Motorcycle apparel for commuting / road / adventure / track
  • Luggage (Packing, Weight Distribution & Towing)
  • Routine checks in accordance with your motorcycle's service manual
  • Correct gear for commuting / road / adventure / track
  • Motorcycle set up for commuting / road / adventure or track
  • Checking, Tensioning & Cleaning of Chain
  • Checking Tyres / maintaining of tyres
  • Checking / maintaining brakes
  • Checking / changing of fluids including oil
  • Checking Lights
  • Identifying other items requiring repair or maintenance.
  • Advice on products to use.

Course Duration: Half Day
Course Cost: $150

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